Atltico de Madrid: Marcos Llorente does not get off the wave

Atltico de Madrid The rojiblancos sleep leaders after thrashing Cdiz

Llorente and Koke celebrating Marcos’ goal against Cdiz. EFE24 commentsComment

That football is a state of mind is one of the best ways to define the sport. And there shouldn’t be many footballers right now who are going through a better emotional moment than Marcos Llorente, a guy who looks like a surfer who has been riding a giant wave since Anfield night. What a way to face each divided ball as if it were the last! A blessing for Simeone to have such a footballer.

Goal by Marcos Llorente (2-0) at Atltico 4-0 Cdiz

Red-and-white metamorphosis. Almost 70% of possession for those of Simeone when Adrin Cordero Vega pointed the way to the changing rooms. The Koke-Herrera couple has become the axis around which the entire offensive game of Simeone’s men revolves and has multiplied their dominance by 1000. When he had to try to create danger he did it, when he had to sleep the game, he stuck with the ball for almost five minutes without the Cdiz smelling it.

Joao Flix, another night at the office. The Portuguese is still on a roll. He opened the can with a big head butt. He assisted Surez on the third of the night and placed Simeone’s leaders with yet another double. Good old Joao has decided to get used to a superlative level every week as if it were simple. Keep the party going!

Get cornered in band. Not everything was going to be good news in the rojiblancas ranks. The midfielder did not find his place on the left wing in an Atltico that increasingly plays inside. Too attached to the lime of the band, he had almost no options to participate in the attack of the Cholo. Simeone needs to recover the best version of the youth squad, an essential player for his coach.

Oblak makes his stops routine. Another jig to zero and he begins to get Zamora’s face already in the month of November. The Slovenian was very sure one more night in the few arrivals that the Cadiz had. If the rojiblancos are capable of continuing to score goals, they can rest assured, their backs are well covered.

Goal by Luis Surez (3-0) at Atltico 4-0 Cdiz

Surez returned to LaLiga after resting in Pamplona and did not miss his appointment with the goal. Chain three games in a row scoring in the domestic competition and is again in front of the Pichichi.

Another game more than the rojiblancos go home without having been a single minute behind on the scoreboard. And so they carry all of LaLiga, another record to add to the streak of 23 games without losing. Barcelona next station.

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