ATP Finals Nitto 2020: Rafa Nadal: “I have lost an important opportunity to be in the final and I am sad”

ATP Finals Nitto 2020 The Balearic Islands stayed one game away from getting into the fight for the title for the third time

Nadal leaves the track of the London O2 ArenaEFE EFE

Rafael Nadal was sad after losing in the semifinals of the Mastes Cup against Daniil Medvedev. The Balearic, aged 34 years and five months, was once again losing the option of winning the only great tournament that is missing in his palmars.

Sensations “I have lost an important opportunity to be in the final and to win this tournament and I am sad on a hard day. But that’s the way of sport, you take advantage of some opportunities and lose others.”

Fatigue. “I don’t think it was that. At the beginning of the game, he was being better than me and managed to save my serves with problems. At 5-4 of the second set, Daniil played a good game and I a bad one. I won the game and I wish him the best. As always life goes on and I’m grateful to have played the last Masters of my career in London. ”

Australia. “We do not know what the situation will be. We have to wait for the decision of the Victorian Government. We, as ATP, are nobody to say what is best for their country. We have to be patient and accept that the situation with the Coronavirus is complicated for everyone. Hopefully we can play as many more tournaments as possible to be able to help the players who have a lower ranking. Hopefully when the vaccine comes out everything will get closer to the normality that we had before. ”

Serve 5-4 in the second set for the match. “I think I have won enough in my career not to excuse myself in the pressure. I have won tournaments and titles in even more difficult situations and in more important matches. Everybody gets nervous at the moment of winning. The small details have marked the differences. I have been close to playing another final here, but I was not good enough when I had to close the game. He is one of the best in the world and then the game was complicated a lot. ”

Goals for 2021. “My goal is always to give myself the opportunity to be competitive to try to win the tournaments that I play. To work hard in the preseason to be ready at the start.”

Preseason. “I have a clear route, rest a few days and start training. My route is to try to be at the best of my possibilities on January 15th. Then I will play Australia or I will play something else. I have to make an effort this month and a half to comes and work hard to be a better player if possible for what is coming. I have to be clear about the objectives of my game. I have to work to shore up a series of things that will be needed. I have the maximum illusion of starting another year. that the vaccines that are being said these last days are effective “.