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On the night of Tuesday, January 12, the eighth edition of ‘MasterChef Junior’ reached its semifinal on La 1 de Televisión Española, with a total of seven applicants who played their pass to the final: Adriana, Aurora, Antony, Henar, Javier , Manel and Nicolás. An appointment in which they were accompanied by the illusionist Jorge Blass or the chefs Óscar Calleja and Martín Berasategui, in addition to have the opportunity to cook with their respective grandparents, before meeting the applicants who managed to reach the final: Aurora, Henar, Javier and Nicolás.

Javier, Henar, Aurora and Nicolás, finalists of ‘MasterChef Jnuior 8’

The seven applicants were reunited with one of their grandparents before starting the first test, a moment full of emotion in which each and every one of the children ended up crying when they saw their beloved relatives again. In addition, all of them had the opportunity to cook their grandparents’ favorite dishes, under their supervision and guidance, but without any of them having the opportunity to give them a hand during the preparation, in a test in which Henar was placed as the best, so who got dinner with his family at the show’s restaurant.

Already in the group test, the applicants formed teams at random, led by Manel and Adriana, since neither of them had been the leader and it was the last opportunity to work as a group before the grand final. A challenge in which the format team moved to Santillana del Mar, Cantabria, specifically to the surroundings of the El Soplao cave and the Altamira cave, where they prepared dishes related to the famous cave paintings, which concluded with the victory of the blue team, formed by Nico, Manel and Javier. In fact, the latter finally seemed to have learned to work as a team after weeks of touches by the jury, especially as a result of his manifest desire to reach the grand final.

Adriana, Antony and Manel, expelled applicants

Antony, Manel and Adriana say goodbye to ‘MasterChef Junior 8’ with Pepe Rodríguez

The first lucky person to become a finalist was Nico, since he had achieved the highest number of the night by accumulating eleven points. « I am going to go to the end to win, » promised the candidate, after pointing out that « it is amazing, a dream. » The applicants then had the opportunity to carry out a final test in which they had the support, by phone, of their best friends, who had to explain the recipe to them. A test whose distribution of points after tasting It concluded with the expulsion of Antony, in addition to Manel and Adriana, who had been re-caught in the previous gala.

The three met with Pepe Rodríguez to say goodbye to the talent, something that was not a novelty for the first two, which is why they did not receive gifts as a farewell. « The only thing I feel happy about is: ‘Javi, bye,’ » said Antony, speaking of his « great rival » on the program, while Manel was very happy after his return to the contest. « It has lasted a short time, but hey, » said the applicant, who stated that « of course I’m going to continue cooking. » « This time, the farewell is different, the other time I cried a lot and I was super sad », Adriana declared, after admitting that « I’m super happy to have gotten here. » In addition, the three applicants pointed to Aurora and Nicolás as the protagonists of the great duel of the final, even pointing to the first as a possible winner.

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