Australia: Facebook announces the lifting of the blocking of news content – .

Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg and Facebook Australia Managing Director Will Easton say they have found a compromise on one of the key points of the law that seeks to force tech giants to pay media for the takeover of their contents.

Facebook’s announcement

An agreement was finally found after tensions between Facebook and Australia. The Australian government has given the green light for the amendment of the law to force the tech giants to pay the media for the recovery of their content. Following this decision making, Facebook announced Tuesday February 23 the lifting “in the next few days” blockage in Australia topical content.

A compromise found

Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg and Managing Director of Facebook Australia, Will Easton, have declared that they have found a compromise on one of the key points of this text which has been strongly criticized by the American giants of the sector. “With these changes, we can now work to continue our investment in public service journalism and restore Facebook news to Australians in the days ahead.”said Will Easton on the comments relayed by Le Figaro.

Towards the end of sanctions

Facebook last week blocked the posting of links to news articles and media pages in Australia. In the same vein, several pages Facebook emergency services officials were unintentionally affected. The Australian authorities as well as those of many countries strongly opposed this retaliatory measure. From now on, the behemoths Facebook and Google, particularly targeted by this bill, should not receive sanctions as long as agreements are made with the media in exchange for the use of their content.

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