Australia: “Nègre” cheese renamed after 20 years of battle – .

The name change for this Australian cheese is the result of a 20-year campaign led by Stephen Hagan, an indigenous writer campaigning against racism.

Of “Negro” at “Hooray”

Stephen Hagan has achieved his ends. After the tough fight waged for two decades by this indigenous activist against the racism, the Australian cheese called “Negro” will be renamed “Hooray”. According to Australian cheese maker Saputo, consumers will be able to pick up the rebranded products on supermarket shelves starting in July. “Treating people with respect and without discrimination is one of our core principles and it is imperative that we continue to uphold it in everything we do.”, is it written in the press release Lino Saputo, CEO of Saputo, repeated by 20 minutes.

Careful and diligent review

The original name of the cheese, “Coon”, referred to an employee of an American cheese factory. This name was also considered insulting to people of African descent. Stephen Hagan had petitioned the former owners of the company but failed to convince them to make the change. Saputo says it wanted to rename its product after “careful and diligent consideration”. Thanks to this approach, the brand is in line with consumers, taking into account the “current mentalities and perspectives”.

This name change comes two months after the Nestlé group’s decision. The one renamed the candies called “Redskins” and “Chicos”, a term relating to Latin Americans. In a global context of anti-racist movements, many brands have also made a name change in recent months.

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