Aviation legend Chuck Yeager dies

“I am very sad to report that the love of my life, General Chuck Yeager passed away just before 9pm ET,” (3am Tuesday), Victoria Yeager wrote on her husband’s Twitter account. “An incredible life, well lived, America’s greatest pilot and his legacy of strength, adventure and patriotism will be remembered forever.” Ms Yeager did not elaborate on the causes of her husband’s death.

A WWII pilot, Yeager made history by breaking the sound barrier in 1947 aboard a Bell X-1 aircraft.

“It opened up space, Star Wars, satellites,” Yeager said in a 2007 interview with .. His exploits as a test pilot were immortalized in a Hollywood film called “The Right Stuff”.

Yeager set many records but spent most of his career in the United States Air Force in the 1950s and 1960s.

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