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The governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, indicated that « the number of infections and the truth is that this has us very worried « and assured that they should be taken again measurements « because at this point it is clear that it is neither the heat nor the cold but the individual behaviors. »

« We must re-tighten the muscle of care in all age groups, » said the Governor in dialogue with the TV channel C5N.

He also spoke about young boys, a group noted for failing to comply with prevention measures: « Young people are also the most committed sector of society. I walk the beaches and it catches my attention, here in the sector of the coast, it is fulfilled a lot but there are also obviously those who fail . You have to give support to those who comply « 

Coronavirus Vaccine

Kicillof He also gave details about the vaccination campaign which has already started and continues in the Buenos Aires province.

He assured that « 63,275 vaccinated at this time in the Province of Buenos Aires and almost already 800 thousand pre-registered where they expressed interest.  »

Likewise, he warned: « I think there has been a kind of confusion, it can be emotional rather than rational, but when people started talking about the vaccine, some said that the coronavirus was over and the truth is that it is very different. The vaccine is not a remedy, the vaccine prevents you from contracting the disease and infection. « 

Back to classes: face-to-face or online?

The Governor spoke about going back to school and expressed concern about the exposure of students to the coronavirus: « It is a very delicate issue because it also involves exposing children to the disease. We know that they are contagious and that they are contagious, obviously they have a lower degree of risk in terms of severity, » he said.

On the other hand, he assured that the intention in the Buenos Aires territory is to return to the presence, « we are preparing ourselves. »

« Those who say that there were no classes are actually wrong. Obviously it is not a substitute for going to school so we want to go back, » he said.

ATR Summer Program

Also, he talked about the ATR Summer Program, a program aimed mainly at students from Program of Accompaniment to Trajectories and Re-linking, but also for students at the primary and secondary levels.

Summer ATR proposes a series of activities, which is organized according to the school year and works as a support in learning.

« We have a very important program of almost home teaching with those who lost their connection with the school. It is a ATR program very big, very ambitious, we have been in contact throughout the year. « 

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