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2021 does not start too well for Donald Trump. And it is that if he dismissed 2020 having to assume that he had lost the elections to repeat in office, 2021 has begun by snatching one of his favorite “toys”: social networks. And it is that nobody is aware that these, and especially Twitter, have been one of his main communication tools, and that much of the support that the still president of the United States has has also been gestated on social networks and others online services.

Thus, ending the presence of Donald Trump in these services constitutes, without a doubt, a tremendous blow to your communication policy, as even the most pro-Trump media, such as Fox News, are increasingly distancing themselves from the outgoing president. Visibility is a key element for profiles like Trump’s, unlike cases like Joe Biden’s, which maintain a lower profile in this regard and, as a general rule, follow communication policies of a much more “classic” profile. .

On Friday we told you that Twitter had just permanently vetoed the still president, a measure adopted shortly after a 12-hour suspension and the obligation to delete three tweets. But Jack Dorsey’s social network has not been the only one to close the doors to Donald Trump. In reality, and in a kind of domino effect, reactions and blockades both against Donald Trump and his support groups have continued, especially if they have been related to the deed and execution of the assault on the Capitol in the past Wednesday.

One of the quickest responses to the unfortunate events of day six was Facebook, that on the same day and in the first instance, Donald Trump’s account was blocked for 24 hours, and before they were fulfilled, he decided to extend this measure indefinitely, and for a minimum of two weeks, that is, until has completed the presidential transition and Joe Biden has taken office. At the moment it is not, therefore, a definitive suspension like that of Twitter, although we do not know for how long it may be prolonged.

Instagram, which we remember is owned by Facebook, has taken exactly the same measure, that is, she has blocked her profile for a minimum of two weeks, in order to avoid being employed by Donald Trump during the remaining days until January 20, the date on which the presidential replacement will take place. Like Facebook, this is the minimum period, but there is no set date for the, then ex-president, to be able to use the service normally again.

Snapchat has not wanted to be left out either And, like Facebook, it was one of the first services to react to the events at the Capitol. This is not his first measure to prevent Donald Trump from using his service as a loudspeaker, since in June 2020 he stopped highlighting his content in the “Discover” section, where users can find featured content from users to whom They do not follow.

A very striking case is that of Shopify, the popular ecommerce platform in which any user can create an online store to sell products, and this service decided, last day seven, to eliminate online stores from its campaign and marketing platform, a source of income for the electoral and communication machinery and image of Donald Trump and from which, at least through Shopify, he has had to suddenly say goodbye.

Although it is by no means one of the services most used by Donald Trump, since January 7, the outgoing president has also lost his Twitch profile, the popular video game streaming service that other politicians have already turned to, such as the popular Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I recognize that it is very difficult for me to imagine Trump playing streaming while speaking on domestic and foreign policy and, in fact, it is one of the services in which he has obtained the least following during the electoral campaign.

It’s not just Donald Trump, it’s also his “conversation”

Not only have Donald Trump’s personal profiles been blocked, other services taThey are also pursuing content related to the outgoing president and that has to do with the events of the Capitol, as well as with false news, another very present tool in its communication policy.

One of the first to respond to this type of content was YouTube, which for a few weeks now has been pursuing and eliminating the content that continues to affirm that electoral fraud has taken place, once all the organizations involved in the electoral process have validated it and its results. A measure to which, as of January 7, is added that the accounts that publish this type of content will receive the popular and feared strikes, which can result in the definitive loss of the account.

A very important prop for the entire community of support for Donald Trump was, until two days ago, on Reddit, and more specifically in the subreddit «r / DonaldTrump». And I say that it has been like that until two days ago because those responsible, also as a result of the events in the Capitol, have decided to ban him for inciting violence.

Nor has Discord been left out, the service that has seen significant growth in 2020, thanks to Twitch and especially Among Us, which nonetheless also has multiple servers not related to games. And it is that the service would have banned the server “”, which according to some media was a platform that basically reproduced the content of the Donald Trump subreddit, also removed.

One of the first services to start putting up barriers to content related to Donald Trump or, more specifically, with all the misinformation generated by the outgoing president and his followers it was Pinterest, which since November has identified searches related to it, and as a result of these it displays the text: «The pins on this topic often violate our community rules, so we are currently unable to display search results ».

Definitely the most paradoxical case is that of TikTok, and is that if a few months ago it was Donald Trump who was striving to veto the service in the United States, now it is this service that, since January 7, has been eliminating the videos of Trump’s speeches that are considered to have encouraged the violence that has led to the events at the Capitol. On the other hand, obviously Trump does not have a profile on TikTok, but it should be understood that, if he tried to open it, those responsible for the social network would act with the same diligence with which he acted against them, is this karma?

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