Barça’s hidden dart to Cristiano Ronaldo in the illustration with Messi prior to the match against Juventus

The long-awaited reunion between two of the greatest soccer players in history will finally take place in the Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo Y Leo Messi faces will be seen again on a pitch and after many years it will not be in a Classic, but in a Barça-Juventus back, since in the first leg they were not seen by the positive for coronavirus that the Portuguese had.

Cruyff, Maradona and Pelé, three historical soccer stars.

To commemorate that umpteenth duel between the two great football dominators of the last decade and a half, the illustrator Franco Di Pietro has created a mock meeting between the two footballers in a storage room full of boxes, in which both look in front of a mirror at a photo of both. In the reflection, both appear younger and with the elastic bands of Madrid and Barcelona in the first campaign they faced each other. The image has been so shared that even from the same social networks of the Spanish team they have shared it as a preview of the duel that is coming.

The illustration is of exquisite detail. It has infinite details: the different LaLiga balls they shared, some t-shirts and trophies and even a matte thermos like the one Messi always carries with him.

But if there is a detail that has not gone unnoticed, it is the message written on the dust of the mirror above Messi. In it, the author has made his opinion on the eternal debate clear with the acronyms: GOAT, which means ‘Great of all Time’, or the greatest in history.

A detail that, surely, Barça has taken into account to share the image.

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