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Ariadne Artiles talks about cravings she ‘never had before’

This second pregnancy has been for Ariadne Artiles “a gift of nature”. The Canarian model is expecting two identical twin girls, as revealed by HOLA! in scoop, and the truth is that, although she is very excited, she assures that she is in “a sea of ​​emotions, fears and uncertain thoughts”. Ariadne, 38, has always been very natural and close to her fans, and she loves to share her day-to-day life, her experiences, reflections … In fact, a few days ago she said that the pregnancy of her first daughter, Ari (who will be three years old on December 31st), it was “wonderful”, but this is being different and has “a lot of nausea.” SEE GALLERY Another of the topics that his followers are asking him the most about is food. As sincere as ever, the model has said that she is not going to “cheat” on them and that she never diets “neither pregnant nor without being.” “The word diet makes my hair stand on end. I don’t like labels, that’s why I don’t consider myself a vegetarian or flexible vegetarian or anything like that,” he wrote on his social networks. “In this twin pregnancy, in addition to eating fresh fruit, vegetables and others, I am having daily cravings such as Teror chorizo, tenderloin and some cravings that I had never had so latent before,” she confesses about those little whims that are taking place.- PRIMICIA in HELLO !: Ariadne Artiles pregnant with two identical twin girls! “Yes sometimes I eat until I explode, but it is what my body asks of me. It is clear that now they are in charge and I am here to serve them. What the girls you want to, at this point I’m not going to be the one who contradicts you, but the truth is that they go overboard. And you, are you having any cravings that you didn’t have before? I think this is going to be a healthy pregnancy and I enjoy it ” , it states. In addition, the top Canarian, who is a faithful defender of nature and usually gives simple tips that we can do in our day to day to take care of our planet, recognizes that it tries to “carry a respectful consumption towards the environment within my possibilities, but not I have rules and I flow according to the circumstances, according to how I feel and, above all, I listen to my body a lot. “SEE GALLERY The debate about ham As happened a few weeks ago with Paula Echevarría, Ariadne Artiles confession about the cravings she is having has created a debate on social networks and many fans have been very surprised to read his message. “I have pate and Serrano ham, but you can’t,” a follower told him, to which the Canarian replied: “Yes, you can, if you freeze it or if you’ve already had toxoplasmosis like me.” “In both pregnancies I liked (and could) eat ham,” said model Priscila de Gustín. What happened with Paula Echevarría is that she became the center of all the comments after she published a post in which she claimed that she was eating ham during pregnancy. Her words caused quite a stir, although she explained that she was “previously frozen for 48 hours from toxoplasmosis.” “I’m addicted to ham and pregnant I can also eat it. Of course, only at home,” she said. – Ariadne Artiles opens her heart after learning that she is pregnant with twins

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