Barrage of criticism of Alejandra Matamoros, Pablo Hasel’s lawyer, after her connection with Joaquin Prat

Rapper Pablo Hasel’s lawyer, Alejandra Matamoros, announced this Monday in a connection on Joaquín Prat’s program in Four. The statements and the attitude of the lawyer in full direct provoked a barrage of criticism on social media.

The lawyer, visibly nervous and upsetShe replied to the collaborators and journalists present in the program not to give her “lessons in democracy because they (the rapper Hasel, the protesters and herself) have put themselves on the workers’ portals so that they are not thrown out on the street.” .

While those present defended the State Security Forces and Corps and replied that it was not legal “loot shops” and destroy shops. She, for her part, defended that the protesters only exercised their right and that the policemen also charged “unfairly” against the people who were protesting in support of Hasel. .

In addition, he stated thatwho was tortured in Spain and has been sentenced for torture. “That is false”, answered the journalists and collaborators of the program, who doubted his professionalism: “And you are a lawyer?”, They pointed out after showing that what he said was inaccurate. For her part, the lawyer announced on two occasions that she was leaving the program and that generated more controversy on Twitter.

The lawyer was trending topic and the users of this social network have been primed with it.

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