Batman Shows Why He’s Still The Perfect Gotham City Crime Fighter

WARNING: The following article contains the elements that ruin Batman # 103, by James Tynion IV, Carlo Pagulayan, Danny Miki, Guillem March, David Baron and Clayton Cowles, out now.

A new villain known as the Ghost Maker has arrived in Gotham City, and it turns out he has a secret history with Batman. In fact, when the mysterious new character and Bruce Wayne were young adults, they both trained under the same masters to become formidable crime fighters. However, they developed a rivalry that made them enemies. Whatever happened between them, they ended up having an agreement that Gotham City would be in Batman’s care, but it seems that this is not the case anymore.

Start now.

Now, the Ghostmaker has decided to take matters into his own hands and bring his deadly brand of justice to Gotham City to clean up the city properly, once and for all. But even if the Ghostmaker thinks he’s the greatest crime fighter of all time, he’s in for a rude awakening – that honor goes to Batman.

In Batman # 102, the Ghostmaker made his presence known in Gotham City by killing a whole group of Joker’s followers. But that was only the start. Then, he went after the Clown Hunter, to stop his slaughter throughout the city. However, Batman appeared to save the young vigilante and now, in Batman # 103, the Dark Knight and the Ghostmaker face off in a battle for the soul of Gotham City.

During the fight, the villain tries to prove his superiority over Bruce by revealing everything he has done since arriving in Gotham City. He explains that while he was still on his way, he handled three different cases: he leaked information incriminating fourteen corrupt district judges, found out the identity of a secret serial killer he had arrested, and informed the FBI of multiple shipments of weapons. arriving in the city.

The Ghost Maker sees himself as the one true savior of Gotham City, the one who can take care of all these problems, while Batman is busy doing other things like fighting to protect the Clown Hunter.

But what the Ghost Maker may not yet understand is that Batman knows everything, and is always playing a bigger game. Bruce proves this fact later by revealing to his rival that he already knew about the three cases the Ghost Maker « solved ». Only he still didn’t do anything about it to properly handle each case: the serial killer wasn’t caught yet because he needed to learn where he kept his trophies, in order to identify all of his victims; the corrupt judges hadn’t been arrested yet because they all worked for the same international mob boss he was working to bring down; and the weapons being carried into the city had already been inert.

By playing a longer game, Batman wanted to find all the victims of the serial killer, take down a powerful crime boss, and catch several gun buyers in Gotham City. But now, because of the Ghost Maker, none of that will happen.

The villain is so hell-bent on proving himself that he acts too fast. He does not see the forest for the trees. But Batman has been at this for a long time. He knows his city better than anyone, and he works hard to keep it safe. This gives him the edge over the Ghost Maker, which remains a hobbyist. With this, Batman demonstrates why there is no other crime fighter like him.

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