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Horror movie! Miguel Herrán tells of his paranormal experience

Actor Miguel Herrán, who achieved great popularity thanks to his roles in La casa de papel or Elite, visited El Hormiguero in the company of fellow actress Carolina Yuste. The objective was to promote his latest film, Hasta el cielo, which will be released on December 18. But, between the games and the typical anecdotes of the program, an unexpected horror story lived in the first person by Miguel Herrán took the full role of the night. The actor managed to leave everyone speechless with a disturbing story in which he and a friend went to visit an abandoned house in the actor’s town surrounded by legends and in which they themselves could verify the authenticity of the mysteries. And it is that Miguel Herrán did not hesitate to confess in great detail what it is like to live a paranormal experience. – Miguel Herrán, from ‘La Casa de Papel’, confesses the problems that fame has brought him SEE GALLERY The actor explained that he spent the quarantine with a friend in his town and that there is a house there known for its supposed enchantment, at the most pure horror movie style, which is called “The Dark Chestnut”. According to Miguel Herrán, one of the stories that surround the house and the one that he has said to consider true, is one that affirms that a family lived there, whose young daughter died drowned in a pond on the farm and, a short time later, the mother passed away from cancer. Amid so much misfortune, the actor went on to explain that the father of the family decided to abandon the property and give it to a religious order. “Many of us have entered that house and we have not seen anything strange. But during the quarantine I entered with a colleague who is a cameraman and at the top, where the library is, we saw a closet with light bulbs,” continued the actor, who managed to create a climate of considerable tension on the set under the perplexed look of his co-star. – Miguel Herrán (‘La Casa de Papel’) celebrates his 24th birthday in full success but far from his girlfriend Continuing with his story, Miguel Herrán stated that he and his friend discovered cages of approximately one and a half meters behind a closet, so they decided to conclude the visit with fear in their bodies. But, the story did not end there, since the actor returned home with another friend, who had been fascinated by his adventure: “I told a friend from Madrid and he told me he wanted to see it. It must be said that he he has lived near death experiences and had a paragliding accident, he was a quadriplegic and is one of the few people who has walked again, “said the guest. VIEW GALLERY It was precisely in the company of this second friend that Herrán affirmed that he had experienced a real panic, since, he said that as soon as he entered the house, his friend began to do strange things: “As he entered the house he stiffened, He has a hard time, and he started walking around it as if he knew her. I told him he was freaking me out and when we were leaving he told me if he could stay a while. I pulled him by the arm and as he walked through the door he started hyperventilating. ground, he stiffened. When I put him in the car he reacted and asked me to get him out of there. When we were a bit far away he told me that ever since he stepped foot in the house he had had the feeling, for the first time in his life, that he was not being alone and feeling accompanied (…) There was a voice that told him that, if he stayed there, he would be fine, “concluded the actor visibly affected by the memories of the experience. With all those present absolutely stunned, Pablo Motos could only try to ease the tension a bit by offering water to everyone. Of course, the protagonist of La casa de papel has assured that he has not returned to enter and, from what it seems, everything indicates that he will not do it again. Although, there is no doubt that from now on the popularity of the house has grown like foam and that Miguel Herrán has managed to star in the most chilling moment of El Hormiguero. – Úrsula Corberó and Miguel Herrán talk about the price of fame after the success of ‘La Casa de Papel’ – The reunion of Úrsula Corberó and Miguel Herrán that has moved the fans of ‘La casa de papel’ – The declaration of love of Miguel Herrán (‘La Casa de Papel’) to Sandra Escacena

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