Beautiful Italian model cosplays one of the best versions of Pan

We expect a lot from Pan. Dragon Ball Super has already begun to give prominence with the recent film of the franchise, ‘Super Hero’. But until they develop the character in greater depth, we will stay with the version that for Akira Toriyama is not canon: Dragon Ball GT.

A young adventurer, who more than proves to be the daughter of Gohan and Videl, and the granddaughter of Milk, Goku, and Mister Satan. She is not afraid of anything and she has amazing martial arts skills.

Despite all her attributes, the most important thing was missing: her life as an adult. Is she capable of going Super Saiyan? Would he achieve all the transformations of his grandfather or his dad? The responsibility for all this falls on the shoulders of what’s new for Dragon Ball Super.

While we wait for what will happen to Pan in the immediate future, the cosplayers who want to play the character continue to choose the one we saw in Dragon Ball GT. This is the case of this beautiful Italian model who reviews the portal GeekMynamed Eevaa Grace.

With few followers on his Instagram account, recognized with the user @eevaa_grace_costhe model wears a red shirt, black gloves, the characteristic orange bandana and black hair styled in the same style as Pan in Dragon Ball GT.

The final touch is given by the fact that in his right hand he holds a four-star dragon sphere; reference to one of the most precious treasures of his grandfather Goku.