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On the night of Tuesday, January 12, the eighth edition of ‘MasterChef Junior’ reached its semifinal, in which the seven applicants Adriana, Aurora, Antony, Henar, Javier, Manel and Nicolás, played their pass to the grand final of the edition. A date in which Javier, youngest of the edition, released an unexpected but sincere confession, at the gates of the final test in which he had to defend his permanence in the format, about his fast-paced and cheeky attitude, which he has shown on many occasions throughout the edition.

Javier and Antony, irreconcilable in the semifinal of ‘MasterChef Junior 8’

The moment came after Javier concluded a successful group test with Manel and Nicolás, after several galas in which the applicant had received several touches from the jury for his bad attitude when working as a team. In fact, the trio won against Adriana, Aurora, Henar and Antony, whose bad attitude was blamed part of the responsibility for the defeat, to the delight of Javier, with whom Antony had maintained a tense relationship throughout the edition. « You, unlike Javier, no matter what we tell you, you keep going on your own. Don’t you have anything to learn from him? » Said Jordi Cruz, to which the aforementioned replied with a resounding « no. »

« Take an example, » Javier launched, while Antony pointed out that the change in attitude of his rival was « pure lie. » « Who would not want to reach the final? », Raised the Valladolid, smiling, turning a deaf ear to the words of his partner. « Aren’t you going to ever make amends? » Cruz asked, a question to which they both agreed, assuring that they would never get along. « Being a good person bores me, » Javier admitted honestly in front of the program’s cameras, after which he clarified that « it’s not that I’m a bad person ». « I am a very good citizen, but I am hyperactive and, if I don’t do something, I get bored a lot, » concluded the candidate, who also posted a message about it during the semifinal broadcast. « Always being good … is a bummer. You have to give Rock and Roll to life! », shared the Twitter account of Valladolid.

« I am a devil on the outside and a little angel on the inside »

Before, at the conclusion of the group test, Javier received the congratulations of the judges for his good change of attitude. « We have told you thousands of times that you do not have to bother and that you have to make a team, not go against the team, and we have finally seen you work without disturbing anyone, you have been focused, assuming responsibilities« , praised Jordi, a few words before which the youngest of the contest bet that he already had the judge » in the boat. «  » I am a devil on the outside and a little angel on the inside, « declared the applicant, a joker, who had attributed to his good predisposition to his desire to obtain a place in the final, something for which he had had the occasional run-in with Nicolás during cooking. « Nico doesn’t understand that I want to be the winner of ‘MasterChef Junior 8′ », opined the Valladolid man, who confessed that « I want to reach even the final or the final duel ».

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