Berenberg sees potential in Ezentis and Fluidra in the continuous market

In the case of Fluidra, Berenberg has raised the target price that it gave it until now from 18 euros to 22 euros per share, which represents an increase of 22.2%. The 22 euros represent a potential revaluation at this time of 10.44%.

Berenberg sees potential in Ezentis and Fluidra in the continuous market

Berenberg continues to hold the purchase council in Fluidra, which he granted last September. At that time, they especially valued its leadership position in pool and wellness equipment, for which it expects a growth of 5%, with a continuous expansion of installed pools favored by new construction, and a consistent trend in prices.

The consensus of the analysts that . collects, however, is not as optimistic as the German entity with Fluidra, which looks to maintain its general advice. Fluidra has nine buy recommendations, three to keep and three to sell, with an average target price of 17.85 euros, which gives it a potential for correction of 12.7%.

Fluidra shares accumulate a revaluation in the last nine months of 140% and in the last year of 70%.

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The pool and equipment manufacturer obtained a net profit of 77 million in the first nine months of the year, triple the 24.2 million registered a year ago, thanks to the operational improvement and lower integration expenses. The company led by Eloi Planes posted a record third quarter and achieved sales of 1,143 million, 7.5% more.

45% potential in Ezentis

Berenberg has also raised the target price for Ezentis from € 0.45 to € 0.6 per share, up 33%. This price also implies a possible upward trend in the stock market of 44.75%, since the company is trading at 0.4140 euros per share.

Ezentis is only followed by four analysis firms and all four are committed to buying their shares. The consensus of analysts places the average target price of Ezentis at 0.52 euros per share, which gives it a potential upside of 26.83%.

Ezentis recorded an increase in its commercial and operational activity during the third quarter of the year, which is reflected in an improvement in both its income and its operating result (ebitda), although it recorded losses of 23.9 million euros to September, compared to the profit of three million euros a year earlier.

The company attributed these losses to the COVID-19 effect and non-recurring expenses derived from its transformation plan.

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