Berry gendarmes on the Tour de France

Tour de France 2020 :

The Tour de France does not pass in Berry this year, but the territory will still be represented thanks to the personnel deployed for the security of the event which begins this Saturday, in Nice, in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Eighty men and women of the Indre mobile gendarmerie squadron, based in Châteauroux, will be as close as possible to the cyclists.

Ensure compliance with barrier gestures

“Our mission is to secure the departure villages and arrival areas”, describes Captain Philippe Doucet, commander of the Indre mobile gendarmerie squadron.

The soldiers will intervene in the gendarmerie zone and will therefore leave the big cities, like the final arrival, scheduled for September 20 in Paris, to the police forces.

The Berry squadron has been preparing for its mission since April. He contacted his predecessors, but the captain assured him: “We will have to adapt because this Tour will not be like the others. With the Covid-19 epidemic, conditions are indeed different from other years. The gendarmes must, among their missions, respect and enforce the recommended barrier gestures. In addition, the squadron was tested for Covid-19 this week. None tested positive.

“Safety is our core business, that doesn’t change,” says captain Philippe Doucet. But we still have to adapt to the specific working conditions. Like the riders, the gendarmes will travel from stage to stage, sometimes starting early in the morning and finishing late at night. “It will be a rewarding experience for the squadron,” adds Captain Doucet.

In addition to the Berry squadron, gendarmes from canine brigades specializing in the search for explosives, the intervention group of the national gendarmerie (GIGN) and the bikers of the Republican Guard will supervise the Great Loop.

Celia Couleaud