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After a long, long time, the time comes when players are going to have to put their hats back on, grab their whip, and go on an adventure in the world of video games with Indiana Jones, the well-known adventurer created by George Lucas who has had enormous success in Spain and around the world with his films and video games.

A few minutes ago Bethesda published a tweet in which we can see a small preview video of this new Indiana Jones which is being developed by Machine games, creators of Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014) and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (2017), and which has the support of Lucasfilm Games, the seal with which Disney wants to combine all the official Star Wars and Indiana Jones video games.

This Indiana Jones game, as Disney has announced on the official Star Wars website, will tell us a totally new standalone story than to be set in the cnith of the career of one of the most famous adventurers of all time.

Besides having the development of a studio as fit as MachineGames, this new video game will be produced by Todd howard, a Bethesda icon who has worked on such iconic video games as The Elder Scrolls II to grow in importance within Bethesda until he became the director of Skyrim and Fallout 3.

For the moment no more details known Beyond the small video that is included in this news and that “may contain some clues” about this new Indy adventure.

Image of Bethesda's new Indiana Jones video game

The return of Indiana Jones after more than a decade absent from the world of video games

Although we still do not know when the new Indiana Jones title will go on sale, the truth is that Bethesda’s announcement will end a drought of more than a decade without video games about the well-known adventurer, the last title being put on sale Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues which was released for PC, Nintendo DS, Wii, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360 and MAC in 2009.

Lego Indiana Jones 2

The history of the Indy titles, however, began much earlier when in 1982 Raiders of the Lost Ark was released for the Atari 2600, Henry Walton Jones Jr.’s first adventure in the world of video games in which he also became a benchmark thanks to graphic adventures like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

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