Between closings, clients and back to classes

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Javier Tejado Dondé, columnist for El Universal, in his column this Tuesday, assured that the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) would give the announcement in the following days, just at the beginning of the end of the year holidays.

In the aforementioned column, Tejado Dondé affirms “it has been a complex decision within the government, but it has been concluded that at least in the first quarter of next year (January to March), public and private education in Mexico it will remain virtual. There will be no return to face-to-face classes ”.

Additionally, the also collaborator of Grupo ACIR, indicates that “the announcement will be made by the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) before the start of the “holidays” end of the year. To do this, the SEP took into account the contagion forecasts, the entities that are already in the red level – formally three – and those that will be, as well as the data that indicate that children and young people are great propagators of Covid-19 by be asymptomatic in a significant percentage ”.

Elektra has been in the conversation digital the last few days before its most popular representative and owner, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, and all the media attention it receives from controversial publications and other issues related to the company and its other businesses.

However, beyond the antipathy of some and the admiration of others, the chain of stores is in serious trouble due to tax issues and the last big blow comes from the Federal Court of Administrative Justice (TFJA), which dismissed a challenge of Grupo Elektra.

The company had fought for the issue to be corrected, but will eventually have to pay 1,431 million pesos in taxes to the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Walmart has been one of the few retail stores that has been able to maintain physical store operations during the contingency, where the Mexican consumer has been reluctant on many occasions, to be able to adhere to the regulations that these stores require and that have reached excesses. , which have been documented on social networks.

The most recent case has occurred in a store in Querétaro, where local media such as Al Momento have reported that consumers came to the store on Tuesday night as a family, but access was restricted to only one member of them, so they expected outside the store.

Rivals at last, they should not be advertised, although that did not give him the physical coach Brandon Castañeda, who made a terrible mistake during his participation in the morning show “Hoy” because he did not remember the name and ended up replacing it with the competition: Venga la Alegría.

The member of a group known as the “wapayasos” confused the name of the Televisa program with one of TV Azteca, direct competition, saying: “There will be a Christmas routine. Send the videos to the Venga la Aleg forum…. of program Today ”.

His teammates mocked him and comically claimed the mistake, even telling them that they had the right to hit him on the arm as is usually the typical punishment for challenges. As a result of the error and in a comical way, Brandon Castañeda later appeared in another section where he appeared filling out some pages where he repeated the phrase “Today you do it.”

Recently, the case of a Santander client who was the victim of a robbery for more than 400 thousand pesos was announced.

One day last September, the Santander client detected a series of unknown transfers that left him without a penny in the account.

This man was the victim of what is known as SIM Swapping, a method by which criminals seize the victim’s phone number, leave him without a signal for several hours to access his bank accounts from another device.

During the 2020 Hot Sale, Coppel detected that the edition increased approximately 25 percent average orders per day, in its digital channel, compared to the 2019 edition. In addition, it almost doubled its sales, through its mobile app, compared to the total of them made in 2019.

In both cases, the company emerged triumphant, thanks to the fact that its clients spent their budget on it and from there they detected an important area of ​​opportunity: loyalty programs.

In order to recognize the preference of its customers, Coppel created Coppel Max, a free rewards program that will return to its customers, part of their purchases and punctual payments in electronic money.

The opportunity seems to have been well read by buyers, who, far from trying to take advantage of Best Buy discounts and other promotions by liquidation through online sales channels, decided to meet in some physical stores of the brand, which resulted in long lines to enter as well as in crowds in some shopping centers.

In social networks, some videos have begun to circulate showing what Best Buy stores look like in full liquidation in shopping malls such as Forum Buenavista.

Faced with low prices, the consumer seems to have forgotten the protocols and security measures, even though it has been warned that the CDMX could return to a red light.

The complaint came after a group of consumers detected that the price of the motorcycle included a period instead of a comma, with which they demanded that it be sold for 14 pesos instead of 14 thousand.

Given what happened, according to what was published in Sin Embargo, the branch manager explained that, despite the error, the price of 14 pesos would only be respected for the first person who requested “the offer” of 14 pesos.

Faced with the refusal, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) arrived at the scene to try to mediate the problem, but not finding a solution, a woman decided to chain herself to the motorcycle in question so that the price was respected. So far it is unknown if Walmart respected the price for this woman.

If you have ever listed a Sam’s or Costco branch, you will know that a common practice when leaving the store is to review the ticket.

Thus, after passing the checkout line with the account settled, the buyers come across a group of employees who take note of the purchases and compare the products that are carried in the shopping cart.

In a first reading, this mechanism could be a strategy to verify that the consumer does not have a stolen product in their shopping cart.

However, the reality is that this mechanism is more of a strategy to verify that the tellers have done a good job and avoid future claims for the brands.

Despite the lack of available consoles, some people managed to buy a large number of PS5s, which were later resold at prices at twice the cost set by the manufacturer itself.

In this sense, the case of reseller Mike F., who asked that his full last name not be revealed for security reasons, which as indicated by Business Insider managed to compare 221 PS5 consoles and then resell them. The result, a profit of 40 thousand dollars, according to the payments received in his PayPal account, to which the aforementioned media had access.

At this point it is important to mention that the PS5 sells for $ 499.99, and the digital edition for $ 399.99. However, the coveted console can be purchased for resale for over a thousand dollars on sites like eBay, Wallapop and Instagram.

Although the aforementioned reseller still has stock, he expects all of his “inventory” to be sold by Christmas.

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