Biden and Trump dedicate Sunday to defend their programs on social networks two days before the elections – Lanza Digital

Biden has addressed the Latino population in a special way and Trump defended his nationalist / EP agenda

They do not forget to attack each other

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, and the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, have dedicated this Sunday to demand the vote of the Americans through social networks, each in defense of their respective programs and between attacks on their opponent.

“I promise you this: I will end the chaos of Donald Trump and end this crisis,” Biden has written, with a particular emphasis on the Latino population.

“From his heinous acts of separating families on our border to his abandonment of the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, President Trump has attacked the dignity of Latino families time and again. It will end when I am president ”, he declared.

Biden has also criticized the high national unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic. Almost 23 million Americans are unemployed. Almost 1 in 5 businesses have closed their doors. Millions of people are on the brink of eviction. We simply cannot afford another four years of Donald Trump, ”he added.

“We need to build bridges, not walls; open our arms, not clench our fists; focus on what unites us instead of separating us. We need to be what we are at our best: One America, “he concluded.

Trump, for his part, has published a minute-long video in which he defends a nationalist agenda: “America first” and its economic policy of recovery in the midst of a pandemic. “We are going back better than anyone,” said the president.

Already in a text message, Trump has accused Biden of wanting to “close the country, perhaps for years”, something that is “crazy.” «There will be no closings. The Great American Comeback has begun ”, he added.

Finally, Trump has assured that his numbers for the November 3 elections “look very good” despite the fact that practically all the polls place him behind Biden. Irreducible, the president has assured that his Democratic rival “is already beginning to withdraw from certain states” and that “the Radical Left is falling”, as he describes the Democratic Party.

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