Biden does not give the election as lost to a very tight scrutiny

Cartoon: Paco Santero.

The US and the world are in suspense before the tight electoral result in which the Democratic candidate, Biden, does not give up the election for lost. Meanwhile, Trump, as he has been doing in recent months, launches accusations about vote theft and he sows doubt, before a very expensive cast of lawyers, for the possible victory – unconfirmed at this time – of his adversary.

Trump achieves an indisputable victory in the southern states, While Biden wins Arizona. The great dDemocrat’s mistake is among Hispanics in Miami, who have not been overwhelmingly supportive of Biden as expected.

After the appearance of the democrat, not giving up the elections, Trump has launched a twitter to accuse Democrats of wanting to “steal” the elections. The one on voter fraud is now the Republican’s main argument.

Count of hours or days

Biden asks for patience to count each vote of the election, whose Count can last hours or days depending on the state.

For his part, the former US president, Barack Obama, who has been very involved in these elections, has declared that “We can know the results as early as tomorrow morning, but it may take a little longer. “.

The former White House tenant has also warned that, for now, no one can confirm the result of the scrutiny. In his own words, “It is not my role to declare who has won this election, it is not the role of Donald Trump. It is the decision of the American people, ”he confirms.

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