Biden hopes to end America’s “eternal wars”

15 minutes. The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, advocated this Wednesday to “end the eternal wars” of his country and ensure that the use of force is always “the last tool”, saying that the Pentagon should focus more on the ” challenges of the future “.

Biden made the remarks when formally introducing his candidate to lead the Pentagon, retired General Lloyd Austin.

If confirmed by the Senate, he will become the first African-American Secretary of Defense in the country’s history.

“We have to end eternal wars, and make sure that the use of force is the last tool we can turn to,” Biden said at the presentation in Wilmington, Delaware.

The President elect He did not explicitly refer to the war in Afghanistan or the other missions in countries like Somalia, Syria and Iraq.

The outgoing US president, Donald Trump, has announced a withdrawal of troops in all these countries.

Biden wants to rebuild traditional alliances

During the event, both Biden and Austin cited “rebuilding” America’s traditional alliances as one of their priorities.

“I think the United States is stronger when it works with its allies. If (the Senate) confirms me, I will take back that important job,” Austin promised.

Between 2013 and 2016, the retired four-star general was head of the Central Command. He was in charge of operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria.

However, Austin faces an obstacle to entering Biden’s cabinet: He has only been out of the military for four years. US law requires at least seven years to pass before retired military personnel can hold government posts.

So Biden asked Congress to grant an exception to Austin, something that will have to be voted on in both houses of the Capitol. It was last awarded to the first Secretary of Defense in President Donald Trump’s Administration in 2017, James Mattis.

“I would not ask for this exception if I did not believe that this moment in history calls for it,” Biden said.

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