Biden is already the most voted candidate in US history

As Donald Trump prepares his supporters for whatever is necessary if the 270 seats for Democrats are finally confirmed, Joe Biden is already the most voted candidate in US history.

In fact, the Democrat, after 36 hours of heart attack since the polls closed, caresses the US Presidency, waiting for the results in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

Biden se approaches the White House after winning in Wisconsin and Michigan, and while Trump gains strength to stop the count legally.

Are still pending counts in Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Alaska and Georgia.

The last word has not yet been said and yet both candidates have the option of being President.

The US is in suspense but, without a doubt, so is the world.

Biden already appeared to defend that “It is essential to end the division”. The candidate continues to believe that “when the count is over, we will be the winners.”

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