Biden nominees revealed to the ministries of Housing and Agriculture

15 minutes. The president-elect of the United States (USA), Democrat Joe Biden, plans to nominate African-American Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, as the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to repeat in office, according to US media.

Fudge, 68, has been a congressman for Ohio in the Lower House since 2009. She was previously mayor of the city of Warrensville Heights, also in that state.

The Democratic lawmaker will be the second African-American with the rank of secretary in Biden’s Cabinet after the appointment on Tuesday of retired General Lloyd Austin for Defense.

On the other hand, US media also indicated that Biden decided on Vilsack, who was Secretary of Agriculture during the 8 years of the Presidency of Barack Obama (2009-2017) to repeat in office.

Before coming to the Obama administration, Vilsack, 69, was Iowa governor, state senator and mayor.

The portal Politician was the first outlet to announce Biden’s appointments to the ministries of Housing and Agriculture.

Half of the Cabinet

If confirmed, about half of his Cabinet has been completed. Among Biden’s nominees to the various secretariats are Antony Blinken, for the State Department, Alejandro Mayorkas for National Security or Janet Yellen for the Treasury.

Biden also appointed Xavier Becerra to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Lloyd Austin as head of the Pentagon. Also on her team are Avril Haines, director of National Intelligence, and Linda Thomas-Greenfield, ambassador to the United Nations.

Of the departments that remain to be known, Justice is the most important. Biden’s office said it plans to announce the nominees for the remaining secretaries before Christmas.

In addition, Commerce, Interior, Education, Labor, Transportation or Energy remain to be designated.

For its part, the medium Axios reported that Biden is considering naming his former rival in the Democratic primary Pete Buttigieg as new ambassador to China.

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