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The poinsettia does not leave Mexican homes in the Christmas of the virus

Mexico, Dec 7 (EFE) .- On the Christmas of the covid-19, Christmas Eve cannot be missed for Mexican families. At least the plant. The colors and the very presence of this flower of pre-Hispanic heritage and known throughout the world represent the hope of a 2021 with better news. “It is a flower that usually does not exist during the year, it does not grow, and it does give the Christmas touch every year with the color red,” Verónica Castilla explained to Efe on Monday, with a handful of recently purchased Nochuebuena plants. Castilla is one of the Mexicans who, despite the covid-19 pandemic, does not renounce the holiday or its Christmas Eve, which the Aztecs already used in celebrations and rituals, now distributed by millions of houses to “give a Christmas touch “. The sale of poinsettias in December is one of the most important of the year for thousands of producers in the country, who for this season had prepared more than 16 million plants, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture. However, farmers, often also sellers of their own crops, admit that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sales are not as good as they anticipated. “The sale of poinsettias is not like what we expected last year,” explained Rafael Moreno, a young producer from the western state of Michoacán who sells with his family in the capital market Palacio de la Flor, in the south of the city . Moreno revealed that this year they do not fill “not even a third” the truck for the transfers of the flower from the field to the point of sale, because of the few sales. “We are going to lose a lot (harvest) because like the cempasúchil, which has just passed, some sowed 200,000 and they were left with half. That is the profit, we no longer have anything,” lamented the farmer. The production process of poinsettias, explained the producer and merchant Guadalupe Reyes, lasts “eight months” and its most intense season of sale ranges from the beginning of December to the middle of the month, when most families have already adored their homes. “The process of this plant consists of maintaining it for eight months, so we are waiting for these sales with a crazy desire that they sell like hot cakes,” he acknowledged from his position. The production of Reyes this year is 4,000 or 5,000, the number he hopes to sell despite a poor start, since it is an accessible product for all budgets. “I think so (everyone) can have a plant, because the costs vary from 15 pesos to 120 pesos,” he said. In Mexico City alone, more than 3.6 million poinsettias were planted this year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, and it is one of the main producing states in the country along with the Puebla and Morelos plants and western Michoacán. This red plant of pre-Hispanic origin, famous throughout the world today, “is the one that most adorns” for Blanca Rodríguez, said this retiree after paying for several plants to adapt her house for these Christmas holidays. “I am fascinated by Christmas, it fascinates me. After the shock of the earthquake (of 2017), that we were affected and we were left without a house, I did not want anything,” he confessed, but his “beautiful” plants gave him back his joy . Therefore, Rodríguez now thinks that the Christmas Eve flower will improve his spirits in this year of pandemic, in which the authorities have called not to join the days of celebration so as not to contribute to the spike in infections that the country is experiencing, with almost 1.2 million accumulated cases and 109,717 deaths. “Of course, we are going to get out of this. We are going to get out,” he reiterated. “We always seek to be well and that tradition is not lost”, confirmed Daniel Ávila while choosing his plants with his wife. Ávila, who is only going to coincide with his daughter and his wife at parties, is clear that we must put “Christmas Eve and fix the tree, fill the house with gifts” to celebrate this unusual Christmas. “It is to be with the family, it is when we have to give ourselves all the affection and love that we have not been able to give ourselves with this pandemic,” he reflected. (c) EFE Agency

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