Biden: “We are going to win this race with 74 million votes”

Joan Biden, unless there is an unexpected turnaround, is at few hours of proclaiming himself president of the USA. At 5 am Spanish time, the Democratic candidate has reappeared to announce that “The numbers are clear. We are going to win this race with 74 million votes “, the majority support that any president has achieved in the country’s history.

The result of Pennsylvania will be vital to publicize the triumph of Biden, who is already recognized as a virtual winner and who believes that he will reach the 300 seats30 more than necessary to win the elections.

For his part, Donald Trump warns on social networks that “Biden has not yet won,” while his team of lawyers prepares to appeal the election results of many of the states where he expected to win.

Vote counting continues in the six states that have yet to award victory to Biden or Trump. The Democrat currently has 253 electoral votes to 214 for the Republican. It takes 270 to reach the presidency and Biden leads in four key states.

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