Biden will do “what is in his power to unify” the US, Obama said.

15 minutes. The former Democratic president of the United States (USA), Barack Obama, has no doubt that the president-elect, Joe Biden, and the new vice president, Kamala Harris, will do from the White House “whatever is in their power to unify” the country. However, he said the task “will not be easy”.

In an interview published this Sunday by the Spanish newspaper The vanguard, affirmed that he “still” has “some cartridges to burn.” Despite this, Obama He ruled out holding any position in the Government that Biden forms in the US, from his same party.

Through responses sent by email on the occasion of the publication of your book To Promised Land (A promised land), the ex-president indicated that, when he came to the presidency (2008), “the country did not seem so divided or fractured”.

“Currently, there is a combination of political, cultural, ideological and, in some cases, religious and geographical differences that seem more insurmountable differences of opinion regarding the policies that would contribute the most to the growth of the country.”

People inform themselves differently

In his opinion, “a lot of this has to do with the changes that have occurred in the way people are informed.” “The perception of the reality of those who follow Fox News will be different from those who read The New York Times“.

To this must be added “the rise of social networks.” Most especially, “the tendency of people to inform themselves only in ideologically related media.”

Obama further believes that “The United States has a moral and political obligation to promote an international order based on universal values. and in clearly established rules and regulations “.

“Every country in the world is dealing with a pandemic that coexists with other challenges that we have been facing for a long time,” he said. That is to say: “Refugees, economic disturbances, tribalism, among others,” Obama said.

He also proposed that the answer is not “a simple rejection of global integration.” On the contrary, a constant effort “at the international level to make a better world possible.”

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