Biden would be a disaster for the unborn before the UN. By Austin Ruse (C-Fam)

The US presidential election is yet to be decided. But the campaign is over, and as a US-based nonprofit we can make a few comments.

A Biden-Harris administration would be an absolute disaster for unborn children, religious freedom, and the family. They would be far worse than the Clintons, who were horrible, and the Obamas, who were worse.

This is what a President Biden would do right away.

It would remove the United States from the Geneva Consensus Declaration that the United States spearheaded and that correctly says that abortion is not a human right, and that the laws that regulate it must be determined by sovereign states. Biden will pressure other governments to remove their names from the declaration and will pressure other governments not to join the consensus.

Biden will immediately begin funding groups abroad that practice and promote abortion. As is well known, Mexico City policy prohibits this practice. What’s more, President Trump expanded this policy, previously focused only on the family planning budget, to the entire global health budget. All of this will go away and the US will once again fund groups that target unborn babies in the developing world.

Biden will resume funding from the UN Population Fund, a major engine driving abortion in developing countries. Republican presidents have de-allocated this Population Fund for participating in the establishment of China’s brutal one-child policy that resulted in millions of forced abortions.

Biden will begin promoting abortion in UN documents under the phrase “reproductive health.” One of the accomplishments the pro-life movement is most proud of was making that phrase controversial again. The Trump administration has vowed to remove the term, replace it, or define it strictly. In addition, other governments followed the example of the United States. Biden will join the European Union and major UN agencies in pushing for abortion as a human right and forcing its recognition in traditional societies. For the left, abortion is practically a religious sacrament.

Biden will promote abortion as part of humanitarian law, also known as the laws of war. It will do so through the UN Security Council, where President Trump was able to stop it for the past four years. This will be unprecedented and will be very dangerous for women in war zones. This will place abortion at a very high level in international law.

Mr. Biden will continue the practice of pushing the LGBT agenda, including pressure from poor countries to embrace this radical agenda that is offensive to most of the people in the world. Biden will also push what’s known as “comprehensive sex education,” which is a sexual revolution curriculum.

I just want to point out that the UN pro-life movement has survived such atrocities before. We survived the Clinton years. We survived the Obama years. Try as they might, abortion is still not part of international law. Sexual orientation and gender identity are not part of international law. The family is still defined as men and women united in marriage. We will outlive the likes and the likes of Joe Biden.

However, this is the caveat. Biden is surrounded by the most radical people we have ever faced, and he will have the full support of the bureaucracy that, both at the UN and in the United States government, have spent the last four years working against their wishes. of President Trump.

Dark days are ahead if Joe Biden ends and is officially proclaimed the winner of these elections. Everyone must be prepared. We are.

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