Bill Gates has become a trend and his name is being linked to conspiracy theories and misinformation.

According to a report released by The New York Times and Zignal Labs, a company that analyzes media sources, Bill Gates is now a favorite target for coronavirus-related misinformation.

Despite Bill Gates’ philanthropic efforts, false information linking him to the coronavirus is all over YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The falsehoods being spread are diverse and include theories such as that the entrepreneur created Covid-19 to benefit from a vaccine or that he is a member of a plot to sacrifice humanity and implement a global surveillance system.

One of the bases used in these conspiracy theories is that, in 2015, in a TED talk, Bill Gates predicted a health crisis like the one we are experiencing, which, they claim, is “proof” that Microsoft’s co-founder planned a pandemic for his personal benefit.

Although Gates declined to comment on the misinformation related to his hat, Mark Suzman, executive director of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, told the New York Times:

It should be remembered that since the pandemic was announced, Gates has surrounded himself with specialists to find solutions, which is why he has expressed some recommendations to his country’s authorities.

In addition, it has allocated millions of dollars with the intention of accelerating the experiments and finding, in the shortest time possible, a treatment for Covid-19.


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