Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Tim Cook and Steve Wozniak think this about the future of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT

Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Tim Cook and Steve Wozniak have a very clear idea of ​​the future that awaits us with the use of Artificial Intelligence and the emergence of systems such as ChatGPT.

The world has turned completely to the use of chatbot platforms powered by Artificial Intelligence systems such as ChatGPT and even Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

In recent months we have seen impressive progress in this field and the certainty of a new era in this field.

There we have the disturbing case of ChatLLaMA, a new chatbot powered by Meta’s AI that would be up to 15 times more powerful than the most popular option today that impresses us all with its performance.

So, faced with such a scenario, we find the perfect moment to review some of the opinions and statements of some of the most illustrious and key figures in the IT industry.

What Elon Musk thinks of AI and ChatGPT

The caution with which Musk approaches the use of the Artificial Intelligence system is well known. Curiously, he co-founded OpenAI, the owners of ChatGPT, but that hasn’t stopped him from qualify AI as “one of the biggest risks to the future of civilization.”

Even ChatGPT, Musk considers it a tool “both positive and negative” with “great promise”, even if it carries “great danger”, since the use of these systems would represent a “greater risk to society than cars, planes, or medicines.”

Bill Gates is more optimistic

Bill Gates

For his part, in conversation with Business Insiderthe Microsoft co-founder envisions these systems as the prelude to the future for the use of search engines and more efficient actions on the web, such as making custom purchases:

“A decade from now, we won’t think of businesses as separate, because AI will know them so well that when you’re buying gifts or planning trips, it won’t care if Amazon has the best price.

If someone else has a better price, you won’t even have to think about it. So it’s a pretty dramatic potential shakeup of how tech markets look.”

Tim Cook knows big change is coming but Steve Wozniak worries

Apple CEO, 2022 photograph

The current CEO of Apple has another perspective, more focused on the future of business and the changes that it will trigger, since he affirms that from the company “we see enormous potential in this space to affect practically everything we do. It will affect all the products and all the services we have.”

A position compared to the point of view of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple with Steve Jobs who has tested ChatGPT and has some interesting ideas that he shared with CNBC:

“The problem is that he does good things for us, but he can make horrible mistakes by not knowing what humanity is. It’s like you’re driving a car and you know what other cars might be about to do right now because you know humans.”

In conclusion, there will be big changes with these systems, but the future is uncertain even for them.

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