Bill Gates receives first dose of coronavirus vaccine: “I feel great”

This Friday, Microsoft founder, billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates received the first dose of the vaccine against coronavirus. It was the tycoon himself who shared a snapshot of the moment of the puncture on his Twitter account.

“One of the benefits of being 65 is that I am eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine. I received my first dose this week and I feel great. Thank you to all the frontline scientists, trial participants, regulators and healthcare workers who brought us to this point, “said the mogul.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for initiatives against Covid-19, including vaccine development and distribution, reports ..

Gates, who warned of the possibility of such an outbreak years ago, spent much of 2020 warning about the precautions people needed to take to stop the spread of the disease.

As the development of vaccines progressed, they began to generate hoaxes about them, many of them with Bill Gates as the protagonist.

Melinda Gates stated to The New York Times that the fact that she and her husband were attacked pointed to fear and to people who wanted to point to someone or something or some institution. He added that the Trump administration did not help with its politicization of vaccine development.

Among the theories spread, some said that Gates participated in the developing vaccines with a microchip that would be implanted in the injected people.

Earlier this week, the Gates couple tweeted their willingness to work with the President Joe Biden’s administration to address America’s toughest challenges, including Covid-19.

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