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Billie Eilish just announced a very special new project to start the year. The American artist will launch a book next May. A very special project under the title « By – Billie Eilish », which has thrilled its fans.

The artist has advertised this book as a very intimate window into her life. Well, it will be a book of photographs selected by the artist, selected from when she was a little girl until her adolescence.

A project accompanied by an audiobook, in which Billie Eilish herself will be in charge of narrating some of the stories hidden behind the images in the book «This magnificent book will capture the essence of Billie inside and out, offering readers a personal insight into his childhood, his life on the road, and more. It will be essential for all fans « , you can read on the book’s website.

The artist is very excited about the launch of this very personal project, in which he opens up much more with his followers. What’s more, it shows them a part of his life so far unpublished.

“I made a photo book of my life from childhood to now and I recorded an audiobook with stories to accompany some of the photos. Available from May 11. You can reserve it now”He wrote on his social networks to announce the launch of this very personal project.

Billie Eilish is a very familiar person. It is a fact that his family is his greatest support and this book is a way to show his fans that life much closer to that of any person, which has nothing to do with his life as an artist. A book in which they will meet the real Billie.

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