Bitcoin : A $ 690 million Bitcoin wallet makes hackers dream

Who will succeed in breaking the password opening access to this wallet containing more than 69,000 bitcoins, the equivalent of $ 690 million? The wallet circulates on hacking forums, but remains inviolable.

In June, a user recounted his quest to find a loot consisting of 533 Bitcoins. Their value was then estimated at 5.2 million dollars. Problem: the hard drive, and with it the wallet password, had disappeared.

Stories of this kind are not uncommon. Many users have thus lost access to their wallets. Some wallets therefore contain real fortunes, however out of reach. This is the case of a wallet containing 69,370 bitcoins.

A wallet whose authenticity is uncertain

It would thus be the 7th most important in value in the world. But now, the password is not delivered with. This wallet has therefore been circulating for some time on forums reserved for hackers. Its address is known, however: 1HQ3Go3ggs8pFnXuHVHRytPCq5fGG8Hbhx.

“In the case of this Bitcoin wallet, it seems that it circulated for a while without success for those who try to crack it,” cybersecurity expert Alon Gal told Motherboard.

The wallet made a brief appearance recently on RaidForums. In June, it was already offered for sale by an anonymous hacker on Bitcointalk, a popular cryptocurrency forum.

Despite the greed, however, the Bitcoin wallet does not seem to find a taker. A major explanation for this. It is possible to handle the file of a wallet. Apparently, this will therefore have a valid address, but the private key will not match.

Breaking the password: an impossible operation

Clearly, the acquirer could afford a wallet whose content is by no means that expected, here 69,000 bitcoins. There remains the solution of crack, that is to say to break the password. This method is theoretical.

In practice, it is practically impossible to succeed in such an action, unless you have a particularly weak password.

A “password longer than 15 characters using upper / lower case, numbers, special and foreign characters would be impossible to decipher by brute force over a lifetime” underlines a specialized company.

In April, a former Google engineer recounted how he had managed to crack the password of a ZIP archive containing the keys of a Bitcoin wallet. The amount of the latter was much less, however: 275,000 euros.