Bitcoin : Bitcoin and banking – November 2020 ranking

This is the latest update of our bank ranking. This table was designed from the results of a survey [1] addressing to all people who have used their bank account at least once to transfer funds to buy or sell bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

The result is expressed as a “satisfaction rate” (number of positive experiences out of the total mentions).

Total number of participations: 844

The arrow indicates progress in 2020. Thus the “popularity rating” of N26, ING Direct and Fortuneo is improving, while that of Revolut, Banque Populaire, Crédit Mutuel and CIC has deteriorated this year. When no indication is given, it means that there has been no significant movement or that the banks concerned have just entered the ranking. Banks that have not collected a minimum of 10 reviews are not mentioned.

Other results

Scams are plentiful in the cryptocurrency world, and some swindled customers sometimes turn on their bank. A bank branch is therefore in its role when it warns a customer or makes him sign a waiver when the latter wishes to make a transfer to an unknown platform. What our survey reveals, however, is that more than 90% of blocked platforms are well-known and reputable companies : Coinbase (32%), Kraken (29%), Binance (10%), (6%), Bitstamp (4%), Coinhouse (4%), Paymium (4%), (2 %). It is indeed much easier to block a legitimate company whose bank details can be easily identified than a scammer who will constantly change bank account. Very marginally, there are also blockages of platforms registered with the AMF as a Service Provider on digital assets.

Encountered difficulties

– Inability to make a transfer to an exchange platform: 32%
– Cancellation of a transaction by credit card after the purchase of cryptocurrency: 18%
– Request deemed excessive for supporting documents: 15%
– Inability to use a bank card for the purchase of cryptocurrency: 10%
– Amount restriction: 9%
– Account closure: 6%
– Warning with threat of account closure: 5%
– Miscellaneous: 5%

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[1] Raw data is available here. The results are based on responses given between August 2, 2018 and November 21, 2020.