Bitcoin : Bitcoin (BTC): the bullish recovery is still weak; immediate technical point

Bitcoin’s price is holding its support and yesterday offered a rather soft bullish impulse. What should we think ?

Key technical factors of the article:

Bitcoin’s price held its support at $ 10K well and broke the resistance at $ 10,500 yesterday. On a technical level, Monday’s bullish impulse can be described as rather soft and above all, it must be shown that the $ 10,500 has resumed its role of support, it is not certain.

In my previous technical analysis published on Cryptonaute, I returned to the positive correlation between the dynamics of stocks and crypto assets. The indices held their support, the price of Bitcoin effectively did the same by proposing a rebound on the 10,000 $.

The Monday September 14 session even saw BTC complete this positive market streak by breaking through resistance at $ 10,500, the former highs of February 2020 (before the bearish stock market shock linked to Covid-19) and the threshold of bullish acceleration of the July 27 session.

Bullish impulse … a little soft

But this bullish impulse seems special to me, let’s say it’s a little … soft. The trading volume is low, and apart from the Ether coin (here too it is bullish but moderately convincing) altcoins do not follow.

Let’s put it simply: if $ 10,500 for BTC and $ 360 for ETH immediately show that they have regained their support role, then the market may join resistance at $ 11,500. The scenario is basic, with a invalidation below $ 10,350 on a daily close basis.

Bitcoin price chart with the TradingView platform

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