Bitcoin : Blockchain: Orange in the full black

L’Usine Digitale publishes a column by the CTO of ORANGE Business Service, Philippe Ensarguet “The 3rd generation of Blockchain opens the way for use by companies”; the title calls out, what would this 3rd generation be? For any connoisseur of the subject, this forum (pubi-information in the form of an interview) quickly turns out to be a classic residual haze of blockchain smoke blown in 2015 by the infamous Blythe Master.

Mr. Ensarguet blithely attributes to the permitted blockchains the qualities of public blockchains by a sleight of hand whose string is as big as a mooring boot of a super tanker: “the data, once stored in the blockchain, cannot be neither modified nor altered, ”he says. Yes, this is true in the Bitcoin and other Ethereum protocol, it is certainly not a feature that closed protocols like Hyperledger can claim. Therefore, we could oppose the CTO of Orange that for the most part, the cases he cites to us can be processed by a distributed database rather than a blockchain.

The fact that this CTO does not understand that what Bitcoin initiated is not the “blockchain” revolution, but the decentralization revolution leads it to regurgitate a poorly digested block slurry, it’s a shame but common enough to not to attract attention.

No, what does not pass is this sentence: The other stake for the ecosystem is the consideration of the environmental impact. The blockchain has a sulphurous reputation in this area, with bitcoin mining being strongly criticized (and rightly so).

Since when and in what capacity does an industrialist publicly express his value judgments on an industrial sector other than his own?

Are the automotive, plastic, petroleum, tobacco, coal, gold, medicine or construction sectors suffering from criticism from Orange management?

Can one imagine a Chief Technical Officer of one of these branches denouncing in a media the “rightly sulphurous reputation” of the telecom operators, the waves of suicides, so-called “transformer” cancers, or the dangers of the antennas?

By evoking “the sulphurous reputation of LA blockchain”, the representative of Orange is the megaphone of a sort of rumor or urban legend, of the style you cook an egg between two smartphones and he brings his guarantee of CTO of Orange, claiming that mining is “rightly” criticized.

Strictly speaking, Mr. Ensarguet could denounce the bitcoin mining company ZiPoluZemsa which is mining on old oil-fired power stations; no, there it is “mining” as a whole that he condemns.

Mining which in reality feeds for the most part on hydroelectricity surpluses, that is to say electricity which is there, available, but which cannot be sold for lack of demand. The condemnation without appeal of mining by the CTO of Orange Business is therefore not only unwelcome because of its position (duty of reserve), but unfounded.

Fortunately, the author makes up for it with a funny style and one can only admire some of his formulas, doubtless destined to remain engraved on the pediment of the national electronic Novlang, section Nakamoto. Watch out, it shakes:

“A blockchain project is above all a digitization project” – “Blockchain can be one of the links in the green properties of tech”. Bim. It can make you the Weekend …

PS: I am pleased to invite Philippe Ensarguet to contact me to come and work on the subject of blockchains with us, he will find competent and dedicated contacts within the associations of the cryptocurrency sector.

Sébastien Gouspillou.
CEO of BigBlock DataCenter
Company member of the Cercle du Coin