Bitcoin : C-lightning 0.9.0 released – .

The c-lightning team has just announced version 0.9.0 of c-lightning, the Lightning Network implementation designed by Blockstream. This new version incorporates several major improvements:

– Integration of Multi-Part Payments which allows transactions to be segmented and payments to be sent for an amount greater than the size of the channels used while strengthening confidentiality,

– Keysend integration which makes it possible to send a payment to a node from its ID without this node having to generate a payment request (push transaction),

– Improved support for Watchtowers that allow you to delegate blockchain monitoring to a third party when the node is not connected,

– For the “on-chain” part, adoption of the PSBT format (Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction Format – BIP 174) which allows offline signatories to sign transactions without needing direct access to the UTXO set and without risk of fraud.

For more information: New Release: c-lightning 0.9.0

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