Bitcoin : Learn 2 Trade Launches Cryptocurrency Signals Service on Telegram

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Learn 2 Trade – a UK-based platform that offers comprehensive guides on all things finance, just announced that it has launched a cryptocurrency trading signals service on Telegram.

This will allow traders of all shapes and sizes to receive buy and sell signals on cryptocurrencies in real time. Learn 2 Trade explains that Telegram was the preferred medium for distributing its signals due to the speed and reliability it offers.

Likewise, Telegram is used by millions of consumers around the world and it is very conducive to discuss crypto trading related information.

Cryptocurrency trading signals to help beat the markets

Learn 2 Trade explains that the overall concept of its cryptocurrency trading signals is to help its members outperform the markets. The provider’s signal service actually comes in two forms – a free service and a premium upgrade.

Regarding the first, this gives the right to Learn 2 Trade at 3 signals per week. These are the same signals as those received by those from the premium service. But, the premium option offers users 3 signals per day, 5 days per week.

When we asked how the signals service on Telegram works, Learn 2 Trade explained that they use cutting edge technology to analyze the markets. This includes artificial intelligence and machine learning. As such, the provider relies exclusively on automated systems.

This makes sense, as such systems are capable of analyzing the cryptocurrency markets 24 hours a day. Not only that, but the technology is capable of scanning dozens of crypto pairs at any time. This ensures that trading opportunities are never missed.

The automated technology is also supported by technical indicators such as RSI, MACD and Bollinger bands. As the system identifies a potential business opportunity, it then proceeds to send its signal through Telegram.

Telegram trading signals

When the signal is distributed by Learn 2 Trade, each member will receive a real-time notification. All signals contain a set of information which will then allow the user to perform a transaction.

This includes:
● Crypto Pair: the specific crypto pair to which the signal relates. It will either be a crypto-crypto or fiat-crypto pair.
● Buy or sell: indicates whether the user should be long (buy order) or short (sell order).
● Findings: Learn 2 Trade briefly describes why the signal was sent (eg overbought conditions).
● Entry price: the price at which the Learn 2 Trade member must enter the transaction to
● Stop-Loss: the price at which the stop-loss order must be set
● Take-Profit: the price at which the take-profit order must be set

As you can see above, Learn 2 Trade signals offer a wealth of information. This not only allows you to get started in crypto trading, but it ensures that you have a clear exit plan in place.

Learn 2 Trade made a point of making the point that they never hold back on key information like other signal providers. The platform expanded by explaining that some cryptocurrency trading signals websites will offer “free signals,” only to then require users to pay entry and exit prices. In doing so, this renders the free signal unusable.

Choose a plan

Learn 2 Trade is a strong believer in transparency. This is why the provider offers both a free forex signal service and a money back guarantee. In other words, the platform is actually encouraging new users to test out the free signal service so that they can see firsthand how well its algorithm is performing.

That being said, if you think 3 signals per week will not be enough to produce full results, it’s also worth considering the premium plan. Indeed, Learn 2 Trade offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

This is crucial in a crypto trading signals space dominated by unreliable providers who rarely deliver on the promises they make. That being said, the most effective way to test Learn to Trade out might be to make full use of a demo account. In other words, you can test the provider’s signals with a demo account.

Then, at the end of the month, assess what your ROI would have been if you had bet real money. Ultimately, if you find that you are not satisfied, Learn 2 Trade will give you a full refund for your subscription payment.