Bitcoin : Ledger’s measures to fight phishing

For several weeks, many customers of Ledger (French designer of hardware wallets) have been under fire from phishing attacks (emails, SMS) exploiting the data that had leaked last July.

In a message published yesterday, Ledger provides an update on the actions in progress to counter these attacks and recalls what users can do to defeat these attempts:

“Ledger users are attacked and targeted by a phishing scam (here’s a link to understand the anatomy of a phishing attack). Kraken Security Lab has done an amazing job of describing what’s going on and we appreciate their help in this area.

Today we want to let you know that Ledger is fighting hard to beat the crooks. But we also want to let you know that we will be stronger together. Help us #StopTheScammers.

The two main ideas to take away from this article:
2. Help us remove scammers websites

The best way to stop crooks is to delete their websites as quickly as possible. Here’s how you can help:

Spread the Word: Talk to your friends and communities and let them know that they should never share their 24 words with anyone, under no circumstances will Ledger ever ask for their 24 words. No one should ever ask you for your 24 words… It’s a secret only you should know !!! If you have been targeted with a phishing attempt or are aware of an illegal website, please report it to Google Safebrowsing. The more we report these illegal websites to Google, the more difficult it will be for fraudsters to deceive Ledger users.If you have been targeted with a phishing attempt, you can file a complaint with local law enforcement authorities.

One of the critical issues in cybercrime is phishing scams. The Ledger community will be better protected if we all work together. When you find a scam, report it to the community: #StopTheScammers.

We understand the stress and uncertainty these phishing attacks can cause you. We want to assure you that our team is doing everything in their power to stop these attacks.

What does our team do?

Members of our Dungeon security team are constantly checking for new URLs of fraudster websites, so that we can share the necessary technical information with the relevant authorities.We are keeping an ongoing criminal complaint with the public prosecutor up to date for allow the police to identify and prosecute those responsible.We have sent subpoena requests to the United States and France to obtain from Internet intermediaries and communication operators the full disclosure of the identity of the responsible. international cyber defense organizations so that they are aware of the matter. The enormous transnational capacities of international cyber defense organizations increase the effectiveness of our action.Our internal and external teams report illegal websites that infringe our brand. In the past few weeks, 87 websites have been reported and 42 have been shut down. Some registrars are not responsive, which is why some websites are still active despite Ledger flagging them multiple times. We communicate with our customers and our community, answer thousands of questions and report new information to our users through our support center, Twitter, Facebook, email, Reddit, and more. ”


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