Bitcoin : Phoenix Wallet version 1.3.2 released

Acinq announced yesterday an update of Phoenix Wallet.

Remember that Phoenix is ​​a “simplified” Lightning application intended for all those who want to send and receive bitcoins very simply via the Lightning Network while keeping control of their funds but without having to worry about the management of payment channels. This “Bitcoin wallet” offers a compromise between fully decentralized solutions (such as Eclair mobile) and those which rely entirely on a trusted third party to whom you entrust your funds (Blue Wallet,, etc.). Phoenix is ​​a stand-alone Lightning node and brings many innovations:
– Pay-to-open: Phoenix automatically creates a channel on the fly if you don’t have enough incoming cash to receive a payment.
– Spend-unconfirmed: you can use channels as soon as they are created, without having to wait for confirmations.
– Peer backup: No more problem with channel backup. Simply reinstall the app, enter your 12 words and find your bitcoins.
– Zero reserve + AMP: you can spend all your funds at once, even if the balance is spread over several channels.
– Trampoline payments: Allows you to delegate the calculation of the payment route, which saves you a long synchronization.
– Swaps: Send and receive on-chain transactions invisibly, even if you’re using Lightning.

Improvements in version 1.3.2:
– Support for LNURL-auth,
– Possible customization of fees for on-chain transactions,
– Enable SSL for Electrum when using Tor.


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