Bitcoin : the application and the exchange now available in French

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Last week, launched the French version of its app and exchange, further advancing the company’s mission of intensify the transition to cryptocurrency around the world.

Since the rollout of the card in 31 European countries this year, the platform has seen strong growth in user numbers across the continent.

The application even reached the top 50 in the Finance category in France, in Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom where its popularity continues to grow.

This is mainly due to the strengthening of’s regulatory compliance within the payments and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In addition, services already serve the territory of mainland France well. For holders of a Metal range crypto-card, a cashback of up to 10% of the amount of your purchases is paid to you (within the limit of $ 50 per month).

This particularly interesting option is notably available for daily purchases made at Auchan, crossroads, Lidl, Monoprix , Super U and Franprix.

By purchasing gift cards through the app, Cultura and the FNAC Darty group are also eligible for 2.5 to 10% cashback of the total amount of your purchase.

From now on, the entire ecosystem will also benefit from a support service in French. For this, do not hesitate to join’s Telegram channel dedicated to francophones:

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The exchange and its referral program

If you do not know yet, the opportunity to test the products of its ecosystem is great. With the ambition to compete with the giant Binance, is picking up the pace to play with the big boys.

Recently, recently launched the referral program for its exchange. Unlike many other platforms, it benefits both godchildren and sponsors.

In CRO stakant (the utility token of when registering, the godson and his godfather receive rewards.

For new registrants who use a referral link, gives them a registration bonus of up to $ 50 in CRO tokens.

On the sponsor side, the sponsorship program is even more interesting. When one of your friends registers via your link, CRO tokens are paid to you according to the quantity of tokens that they stake on the platform (from $ 10 to $ 2,000). In addition, you recover 50% of the trading fees paid by your referrals.

👉 Discover all the eligibility conditions for the referral program

With full French support, is sure to attract a lot of new users.

This growth will certainly allow the platform to enter into more partnerships with French companies, increasing the spectrum of use of the cashback of its crypto-card.

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