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Since the announcement last month of the Snapdragon 888, we are waiting for the first smartphones that equip it to start arriving, and the Black Shark 4 could be one of them. Although it is not a particularly popular smartphone, it is especially interesting because, as a device aimed at the gaming market, it can be expected that it offers great performance and, therefore, it will be a good “thermometer” of how far the Qualcomm’s top-of-the-range SoC for 2021.

And the good news about it is that, even without clearly stating it, the CEO of Black Shark Technology, Xiaomi’s gaming smartphone division, announced today on Weibo that something big will happen tomorrow morning (in China), “Soon , something big will happen tomorrow morning. ♥ »is your message. Everything points to that something big that will happen is that the Black Shark 3 meets its successor, the Black Shark 4.

Black Shark 4 with Snapdragon 888 could be presented tomorrow

Not much you know, at the moment, about what we can expect from the Black Shark 4, except of course, to be built around a Snapdragon 888. However, there have been some leaks in recent weeks by Digital Chat Station, also on Weibo, in which it is stated, for example, that the terminal is now ready, which is a big leap with respect to its predecessor and that one aspect that will stand out is its fast charge function. He also states that its design is very attractive, but of course, that is something much more subjective, so we will have to wait to see it.

In another publication of a more general nature, Digital Chat Station indicates that the terminals in the line of the Black Shark 4 (and therefore it is understood that it will also be the case of this particular model) will feature a 1,080p resolution display with a 144 hertz refresh rate or higher. Do not expect, yes, that you will see screens with resolutions like the one that the Black Shark 3 Pro equipped, that is, that the resolution would be sacrificed (which reached 3,120 x 1,440 pixels) and, in return, the refresh rate would substantially improve , which would rise from 90 to 144 hertz.

Samsung with its Galaxy S21, Xiaomi also with the Xiaomi Mi 11, the hypothetical next top of the range from Motorola … the year has barely begun and there are already enough terminals built around a Snapdragon 888 that are looming, so it is reasonable to think that all manufacturers (or at least the vast majority) will close this 2021 with a top of the range with this Qualcomm SoC. And we will have to wait for the effective arrival of them, like the Black Shark 4, to see if Qualcomm has done its homework.

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