Blinken asks China for transparency, warning of its “provocative and dangerous” rearmament

15 minutes. The Secretary of State of the United States (USA), Antony Blinken, warned this Monday, in his first speech at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, about the “provocative and dangerous” weapons development programs in China.

The head of US diplomacy also called on both China and Russia to become more involved in developing norms for “responsible behavior in outer space.” In this sense, he suggested that governments such as Russia stop conducting dangerous tests of anti-satellite weapons.

“We must reduce tensions in space, not make them worse”Blinken noted. He stated that Washington has already demonstrated in the first months of Joe Biden’s presidency its willingness to discuss arms control systems and other security issues with Moscow.

Blinken said the US will work with its allies and partners to demand “greater transparency regarding China’s provocative and dangerous weapons development programs, and will continue efforts to reduce the dangers posed by its nuclear arsenal.”

Nuclear weapons

Regarding Iran, the Secretary of State denounced its “destabilizing behavior in the region.” However, he affirmed that the US remains committed to using mainly diplomacy, in order to ensure that the country does not have nuclear weapons.

“If Iran strictly complies with the JCPOA again, we are ready to do the same.”Blinken stressed, paraphrasing recent comments by President Biden.

He also stressed that the US will continue to focus on achieving denuclearization in North Korea. In that regard, he said that he will continue to work with his allies and partners to address the illegal development of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs by the Kim Jong-un regime.

The US representative stated that we must “go beyond our differences to address shared threats.” He assured that the first step is “to negotiate a treaty that prohibits the production of fission material for use in nuclear weapons.”

“If we stop and ignore our mandate, we fail the people of all countries, we fail our children,” he added.

Chemical weapons

On chemical weapons, Blinken again appointed Russia. Thus, he denounced his support for the Syrian regime in the development of this weapon that it has used against its own population. Also in the case of Moscow, he denounced its use to try to assassinate its critics, as in the recent case of Alexei Navalni.

“The United States is here to work, cooperate and use the Conference on Disarmament again to create serious and innovative agreements that protect each other,” concluded the Secretary of State.

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