Bluesleuth-Lite, the hidden or lost AirTag detector and trackers from other brands

Lost AirTag? Can’t find the tracker you use? Do you think they are following you anonymously with him? Although these are situations that can occur when using a device of this type, someone has thought of launching a detector for these trackers.

According to a report published on the website of ipadizeScott N. Schober, president and CEO of the security firm Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), has started a crowdfunding for a detector of the AirTag and trackers of other brands, called Bluesleuth-Lite.

The report reveals that this technology has been used for years to produce industrial strength trackers at high industrial prices. In the case of the Bluesleuth-Lite, this wireless scanner can immediately detect an AirTag long before Apple features start to sound the alert, even if it’s an AirTag with the speakers turned off that’s often sold for tracking people. .

Schrober explains this in the video presentation of the device, shared on the crowdfunding platform. kickstarter.

Is the Bluesleuth-Lite coming to stores?

To materialize the proposal and take it to more users, the company needs $18,000 before Thursday, March 2, but it already adds up to more than $14,000, so it is most likely that the Bluesleuth-Lite will be manufactured on a larger scale.

Leaked images confirm that this device is pocket-friendly and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or attach to a keychain. Its internal lithium-ion battery lasts 24 hours, charges via Mini-USB and features an advanced Qi wireless charging system for convenience.

How does it work? It has a single rocker/two-way button switch that allows navigation through all nearby BLE and Devic tags.

Most users don’t receive AirTag notifications until hours or even days later, a problem that can be exploited by criminals to track people. Bluesleuth-Lite solves these problems, a bonus for its arrival in stores.