Boeing: after a burning reactor in Colorado, 128 777 planes grounded – .

The American manufacturer Boeing has decided to immobilize 128 of its Type 777 commercial planes around the world following the fire in Colorado of a reactor of flight UA328 of the United Airlines company.

Aircraft immobilization by Boeing

A Boeing Company 777-220 United Airlines was forced Saturday in Colorado to turn around after the fire in his right reactor. No injuries or loss of human life is to be deplored. After this incident, Boeing demanded as early as Sunday that 128 of its Type 777 commercial planes around the world be grounded, reports Le Figaro

United Airlines and the Japanese companies, JAL and ANA, followed this instruction and decided to ground their devices with an engine similar to the one involved in the incident.

Other initiatives from Boeing

In a press release, Boeing also said while the investigation is ongoing, management recommended that the “operations of the 69 777 aircraft in service and 59 aircraft in stock equipped with Pratt & Whitney 4000-112 engines”.

For its part, the American Federal Aviation Regulatory Authority (FAA) was quick to react to this incident and gave the order on Sunday that “additional inspections” be carried out on certain commercial aircraft of the Boeing 777.

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