Boeing crash in Indonesia: the two black boxes located – .

After the disappearance of the Boeing 737 of the company Sriwijaya Air, in Indonesia, important research was carried out. Debris and body parts were found.

Several means deployed

A Boeing performing a domestic flight crashed at sea with 62 people, in Indonesia, Saturday January 9. The authorities immediately carried out an intense search, deploying numerous rescue boats, the army, helicopters and divers. In addition, in order to precisely determine the area where the remains of the aircraft are located, officials used sonar, relates Le Figaro.

The divers will recover the two black boxes

After hours of searching, emergency signals were detected at sea, and the two black boxes of the plane were located this Sunday morning. The head of the Transport Safety Committee said divers will start looking for them, hoping it won’t take long to get them back. This step is very important to help investigators determine the causes of the accident.

Body parts and debris

In addition to the black boxes, body parts and debris were also found off the coast of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. “This morning we received two bags, one with items belonging to the passengers and the other with body parts“, revealed the spokesman of the police force, Yusri Yunus. He later clarified that elements of the police “work on identifications“.

The device has disappeared from radar

This Boeing 737 of the Indonesian company Sriwijaya Air had to link Jakarta to Pontianak, on the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. About 4 minutes after takeoff, he lost contact with the air traffic controllers. Indeed, the device disappeared from radars while it was above the sea Java.

At present, no details have been given on the possible causes of the accident. Fifty passengers, including 10 children, and the 12 crew members were on board. All are Indonesians, authorities said.
In addition, the Indonesian Minister of Transport, Budi Karya Sumadi, indicated on Saturday that the device would have deviated from its trajectory just before disappearing from the radars.

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