Boing recommends not using 777 aircraft after engine failure – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Boeing recommended on Monday that airlines suspend flights on 777s with the type of engine that exploded after taking off from Denver over the weekend, and most airlines using those planes said they would temporarily take them out of service.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered United Airlines to increase inspections of the plane after one of its flights had to make an emergency landing at Denver International Airport on Saturday. None of the 231 passengers or 10 crew members on board were injured, and the flight landed safely, authorities said. United is one of the airlines that has suspended flights on these planes.

FAA Administrator Steve Dickson pointed out that the focus of the investigations was the hollow blades unique to the Pratt & Whitney PW400 engine and that they are used only on Boeing 777 aircraft. Dickson’s statement said the finding was based on a initial review of safety data and would likely mean that some aircraft will have to stay on the ground.

Boeing said there are 69 777s with Pratt & Whitney 4000-112 engines that are in service, and another 59 that are in storage, and said they should remain parked until the FAA establishes an inspection regime.

United had 24 of the planes in service. It is the only US airline that has the engine in its fleet, according to the FAA.

Two Japanese airlines have another 32 aircraft with the aforementioned engine. Japan ordered the planes to be discontinued, according to the Nikkei business newspaper, while noting that an engine from the same family had trouble in December.

In South Korea, Asiana Airlines parked nine planes, of which seven were in service, and Korean Air said it had suspended activities on 16 planes, six of which were operating.

“We are working with regulators while these planes are parked and further inspections are being carried out by Pratt & Whitney,” Boeing said in a statement, referring to US and Japanese regulators.

The engine manufacturer said it was sending a team to work with investigators.

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