Bojan Krkic: “When all this happens decide on my future”

Ms Amrica Spanish serves BRAND from the United States

Soccer continues in all parts of the world. Also in the United States where Bojan Krkic. The Spaniard, who is a member of the Montreal Impact, analyzes for MARCA how he is living the situationn from one of the areas most affected by the crisis of coronavirus.

“Well, all right. Here, like everyone else, we are adjusting a little to what the situation allows. MLS has been reformulated with a different format tournament here in Orlando. The truth is that it is good because it allows us to compete, train and enjoy. I personally feel good and thank you for being able to compete, “he says through the other end of the phone.

We are locked in a hotel. They check us every two days “

Bojan krkic

Life goes on in some form of quarantine: “We are locked in a hotel. They check us every other day, we have to go with the mask in all common areas … but they are quite common measures in all places. what really matters to him is to go as far as possible in the championship.

Bojan opens his locker in the MLS with a shoe hit to the post from 25 meters

“At a football level, I see everything in a positive way despite the fact that we had not competed for a long time. The training sessions have been good. The games are also being good and physically we have no excuse. We are all working in the same conditions, but in the end it is very difficult to pass the qualifying rounds“He said before falling this weekend to Orlando City by the minimum (1-0). But the note is not negative.” For us, the important thing was to move from group. We knew that afterwards the rivals compete well and they were going to be complicated, “said someone who made an assist last Tuesday in a duel without public against Washington. In Orlando, as in the NBA, they are being tested every 12 hours and are recruited in the room.

Bojan does not regret having taken this adventure: “I am very happy to be in this country. It is true that right now it is not the MLS or the American league, we must see how everything evolves due to the situation that exists in the country and globally but the time I have been here I value it positively. Now I have a little expectation, like the rest, of what will happen to the league of the United States. The situation is complex and we are from Canada, but until we know what is going to pass I think positive “.

For him, the biggest difference he is finding compared to Europe is solidity: “Football here is growing a lot both structurally and generally. They want to be a very strong league, but it must be remembered that football still has four sports above it in this area. Even so, it is improving and they seek to be a world reference. “Their continuity in Montreal will depend on the crisis:” We will have to assess when everything happens, but I repeat that I am happy here. “