Bold Dragon Ball Super FanArt Shows Kefla From Universe 6 As A Bunny Girl In Super Saiyan God

Dragon Ball Super opened the spectrum of fans of Akira Toriyama’s work. The Earth and the planets that the Z Fighters had visited in the previous adventures were part of one of the 12 existing universes in the manga and anime.

That means that the number of powerful warriors that are scattered throughout the infinite unknown regions put villains or rivals at unexpected levels for Goku, Vegeta and the rest of the gang.

The Tournament of Strength, the last arc to run in the anime, gave us a glimpse of the breadth of characters that can be met. And although there were quite powerful beings, many of us were surprised by Universe 6, our neighbor.

In the region dominated by Champa (their God of destruction) there is the planet Vegita (it is called Sadala) and it is not ruled by evil. The Saiyans of this world are kind-hearted and with the fighting capabilities of the race we met on Earth, during the first arc of Dragon Ball Z.

Two of its top representatives are Kale and Caulifla. Together, they are able to merge and give way to an even more powerful warrior: Kafle. About this specific character, a renowned illustrator of social networks has made an erotic style FanArt.

Bold and exuberant, the designer drew Kafle as a Super Saiyan God. In this way, she is left as a fighter with whom you would not want to face and with whom you will surely fall in love.

The portal EGames highlights in a review that this FanArt is the work of @Elite_Nappa on his Instagram account. This user is used to expressing Dragon Ball characters in scenarios that are more erotic, but respecting the manga and anime canon.