Bomb threat in a cemetery where Macron was supposed to go: a man arrested

Placed a few hours in police custody this weekend, the man, aged 57, admitted the facts, explaining that he wanted to “have fun”, according to the same source.

Friday morning, he telephoned the town hall of Jarnac, assuring that bombs had been placed in the cemetery, where the head of state was to meditate on the grave of the former socialist president, who disappeared 25 years ago. The threat was taken seriously and the deminers present in the town once again inspected the cemetery from top to bottom. Without finding anything.

For their part, the gendarmes began investigations to identify and locate the joker, unknown to the courts. On the day of the commemorations, he was in the department, but investigators had not been able to find him.

He was finally arrested on Saturday at his daughter’s home, in Charente, in the southwest.

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